Webinar on "Risks and Resilience of Small Islands: Pandemics, Climate, and other Crises, 9 July 2020

8th Webinar “Risks and Resilience of Small Islands: Pandemics, Climate, and other Crises” of CAIPSDCC

Join us on Thursday, 9 July 2020 at
10:30 am (UTC+7, Jakarta, Hanoi),
11:30 am (UTC+8, Kuala Lumpur, Manila)
01:30 pm (UTC+10, Brisbane/AEST)

Register here: tinyurl.com/caipsdcc8

Geographically surrounded and isolated by the sea, what are the challenges that the small island inhabitants face? What does it mean to be resilient and how could a small island be resilient in the face of multiple crises? Let’s discuss these questions with the experts.

Trigger speakers:

  1. Prof. Brendan Mackey, Director, Griffith Climate Change Response Program (GCRP), Griffith University

  2. Prof. Jan Sopaheluwakan, Coordinator, Research Center for Earth Sciences and Disaster, Institute for Sustainable Earth and Resources (I-SER), Universitas Indonesia.

  3. Prof. Jamaluddin Jompa, Dean of the Graduate School of Hasanuddin University, and Advisor on Marine Ecology to the Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries of Indonesia.

Opening speech: Prof. Caitlin Byrne, Director of the Griffith Asia Institute (GAI), Griffith University

Session chair: Asri A. Dwiyahreni, Senior Researcher, Research Center for Climate Change - Universitas Indonesia (RCCC - UI).

This is the eighth session of the CAIPSDCC weekly webinar series. It is organised by the Collaborative Australia-Indonesia Programs on Sustainable Development and Climate Change (CAIPSDCC), a collaboration between Universitas Indonesia and Griffith University. This webinar is a partnership with Universitas Hasanuddin. It will be conducted in English.

Request for e-certificate is available for those who:

  1. Register; 2. Participate in the webinar live (start-end); and 3. Submit e-certificate requests via form before the due time (the link to the form and due time will be announced live during the webinar)

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