[Videos & Slides] Global Access for Internet for All, IETF106, 16-22 Nov 2019, Singapore

Half the world is not connected - that’s around 3.5 billion people without Internet access, many of them living in the remote locations. How can they share the benefits this amazing resource brings?

Take a look at the latest developments of rural internet access and how they play an important role in connecting the unconnected. These are ‘do it yourself’ networks built by people, for people.

For researchers, the wider rural Internet access (including technologies such as wireless network for the Internet of Things) could bring many benefits for their research work too.

Presenters are in order of appearance from Thailand, New Zealand, Spain, the Philippines and Indonesia. With the courtesy of Dr Onno W Purbo, please check out the videos and slides at:


(Indonesia is an example for global access)

Agenda for the Global Access to the Internet for All (GAIA) WG

  • Welcome, Agenda Bashing, Minutes taker, Blue Sheets, etc.
    - Jane Coffin (on-site) & Leandro Navarro (remote), co-chairs,
    - 10 minutes

Current Working Group Presentations:

  • Connecting remote community networks to an IXP

    • Kanchana Kanchanasut - AIT, Thailand
  • LoRaWAN & The Things Network (TTN) A Global IoT Community Network

    • Jonathan Brewer - Telco2 Limited, New Zealand
  • Optical fiber as a commons in the neighborhood of Viladordis

    • Francisco del Aguila - guifibages & UPC, Spain
  • Community Cellular Networks in the Philippines: Experiences from
    the VBTS project

    • Maria Theresa Perez - University of the Philippines Diliman
  • Indonesia: Village and Rural Internet

    • Onno W. Purbo, Sumitro Aji Prabowo, Bara Ramadhan - PUSPINDES
  • Developing the Rural Internet for Pemalang (Regency) Society

    • Onno W. Purbo, Sumitro Aji Prabowo, Bara Ramadhan - PUSPINDES