Linux containers and the Kubernetes: 3 ways they shine in a crisis

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By Scott McCarty, Contributor, InfoWorld | NOV 23, 2020 3:00 AM PST

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3 ways containers shine in a crisis

Linux containers provide the kind of flexible, agile, and secure development environment needed during times of change

There are certain people who thrive in a crisis. They have the ability to go beyond just getting the job done, no matter what is going on around them (which is huge in and of itself), but they also find opportunity amid difficult situations and help those around them be the best they can be. You want these crisis champions in (and leading) your organization.

The same is true with technology. There is some technology that works well enough when things are calm but tends to buckle under pressure. Then there are the crisis champions of the technology world—the products that keep doing what they are supposed to be doing no matter what but are flexible and resilient enough to meet the most pressing new requirements (and then some). Linux containers and the Kubernetes ecosystem are prime examples.