Intro to R workshop - 21 February 2020 - Auckland

Introduction to R (mini-workshop)
21 February 2020
70 Symonds Street, Bioengineering House, University of Auckland
Auckland, New Zealand

NeSI, The Carpentries, and SatRdays are joining forces to offer an intro to R workshop in Auckland!

The goal of this workshop is to teach novice programmers to write modular code and best practices for using R for data analysis. R is commonly used in many scientific disciplines, industry, and beyond for statistical analysis and graph generation.

(Check out this link for a big list of all the things you can do with R!)

In this half-day, mini-workshop we welcome attendees with little or no prior programming experience. The lessons we will cover come from the Carpentries material and include:

  • Introduction to R and RStudio
  • Data Structures (only creating vectors with c())
  • Exploring Data Frames (“Realistic example” section onwards)
  • Subsetting Data (excluding factor, matrix and list subsetting)
  • Creating Publication-Quality Graphics with ggplot2

Ultimately, the goal of this workshop is to get you feeling more confident in experimenting with R and provide an opportunity for you to meet other people in the Auckland region who are on a similar learning journey!

This half-day workshop is happening the day before New Zealand’s first ever ‘SatRdays’ conference. For more information or to register for that event check out the eventbrite page here:


  • This is a Bring-Your-Own-Device event. Please bring your own laptop.
  • This lesson assumes you have R and RStudio installed on your computer. The latest version of R can be downloaded here
  • RStudio is an application (an integrated development environment or IDE) that facilitates the use of R and offers a number of nice additional features. It can be downloaded here. You will need the free Desktop version for your computer.

More Information
If you have any questions or would like more information about this session, please email