How do we grow the talent pool?

Last year at eResearch Mark Stickells, Jacky Pallas, and Sean Smith made the point that the talent pool of eResearch professionals is too small and that all the HPC organisations wind up poaching staff from each other.

One of the reasons I’m trying to teach teachers to teach Data Science in schools is to get more kids interested in tech in general, and Data Science and HPC in particular. What else can we do to grow the talent pool?

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Controversial counterpoint: the talent pool is small, so company culture becomes critical to hiring and retaining good staff. Maybe this is a good stage for the industry to go through (so long as we do come out the other side), where institutions can’t rely on a huge pool of great applicants so have to put more effort into being attractive places to work. Once an industry has a known positive culture (think Google 10 years ago), it becomes way easier to interest kids in pursuing that career path, perhaps?

Interesting idea, Claire! Because it’s a job seeker’s market, that forces companies to be less awful… I wonder if it actually works in practice?

I don’t know that it does, but I imagine if not it increases the ease of poaching others’ staff…