Gentle Reminder-GoHE-ERIA-OECD Webinar: Markus Buchhorn, GM-APAN, 17 Feb 2021

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Dr Markus Buchhorn, General Manager, Asia Pacific Advanced Network (

TODAY, Wednesday February 17th via Zoom
@ 10:00 CET @ 16:00 JKT/HNI @ 17:00 KL/MNL
@ 20:00 MEL @ 22:00 ACK/WLT

Dear Colleagues,
This year again, the OECD together with the Economic Research Institute for ASEAN and East Asia (ERIA) is pleased to invite you to join the 10th of a series of webinars with prominent international experts. These webinars discuss the relationship between higher education institutions and innovation ecosystems, continuing on from our previous on-line meetings, about the Geography of Higher Education (#GoHE).

The next guest of the series “GoHE in Conversation with…” is Markus Buchhorn, from APAN.

In a 45-minute event (including Q&A), we will discuss with Markus about digital infrastructure, digital skills within HEIs, and the way in which HEIs can promote digital transformation and capabilities, in their own ecosystems and networks.

Also he will review outcomes of the recent APAN’s 51st Meeting ( and talk about the upcoming 52nd Virtual Meeting coordinated out of Indonesia (Aug 2021).

Registration (free):

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