DSxTalks Live: AstraZeneca’s 2 Million Genomes Initiative, 5th August 2020

DSxTalks Live

AstraZeneca’s 2 Million Genomes Initiative

“Genomics currently is the most powerful tool to elucidate the cause and complexity of diseases. Critical for novel target identifications, better understanding of disease biology and patient’s stratification on clinical trials. In April 2016, AstraZeneca launched the genomics initiative aim to reap benefits from the goal of sequencing up to 2 million genomes. In a longer-term to transform drug discovery and development across R & D pipeline. The thinking behind the strategy and the progress and development to-date will discussed. Do join our talk to learn more.”

Live at Zoom , Wednesday 5th August 2020, 2:30pm-3:30pm MYT

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