DSxConference 2020: BIRDS of A FEATHER discussion ~ Panel of Discussion Leads

DSxConference 2020: BIRDS of A FEATHER Discussion


While we have several discussion leaders for the BOF (see the poster below), the call for short presentations and/or questions is still open until Saturday, 28 November 2020, 11 am, IWT (UTC+7); 12 pm, MST (UTC+8) or 3 pm, AEST (UTC+11).

The Moderators will try to make the BOF that puts participants at the centre of the conversation. Please don’t hesitate to participate in the discussion. Do you have a question for the panel of discussion leads?

  • Send us the wording of your question and your contact details to seasiaeresearch@gmx.com.
  • Type in a question you’d like to ask the panel
  • Would you like to ask your question to the panel live via Zoom? Please state: “Yes” (i.e. participate directly) or “No” (i.e. have the Question read to the audience) would suffice. Thank you.

Read more about the objectives of this meaningful activity and the 4 selected topics here (deadline: 28 Nov 2020):

Let’s make the BOF as our inter-regional and international conversation. We want short 5-7 minutes presentations and plenty of discussions based on questions from every corner of South East Asia and Australasia.

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