D&I posters for eRes conference - feedback requested

Hi all - attached is the first draft of the D&I posters for the eRes conference - would appreciate any feedback that you may have as we are looking to finalise ASAP. These will be provided as a set of PPT posters suitable for other conferences to replace their own banners, etc. D and I - conference poster - PPT format.pdf (336.5 KB)

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I love these Retta! Very clear, uncluttered, and effective.

Thanks Linda – the idea was to make them available for others to easily update and re-use.

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If I sent you this email outside standard work hours, I’m doing so because it’s convenient for me.
I look forward to a response at a time that suits you.

I must admit I don’t really have a clear idea of what a best practise flyer would look like. I think this is a great start.

With that in mind I still make these suggestions :slight_smile:

  • Could we have a photo of the lanyard on the first poster? To make it easier to see?
  • Could we highlight key points of the code of conduct on the page and reduce the emphasis on the links? This way no-one can say they didn’t see the code of conduct.
  • Will those safe zones be “patrolled” by D&I volunteers? If so, will we need to have a rough timetable?
  • Maybe we could send this to delegates or put it on twitter to get feedback? That way we don’t have to guess. By sending it out to delegates (even after the fact) you could have a higher chance that people will see it on the day?

Just throwing out some ideas…

Hope that helps

Having a bit.ly shortened link that is easily entered (or QR code) might make it easier for people to get to the conference code of conduct…