CAIPSDCC 14th Webinar - Alternative Funding for Low Carbon Development, 19 Aug 2020

14th CAIPSDCC Webinar "Alternative Funding for Low Carbon Development"

Wednesday, 19 August 2020 at
10:00 am (UTC/GMT +10, Jakarta)
01:00 pm (UTC/GMT +7, Brisbane.


In this last of the webinar series on Sustainable and Low Carbon Development for Pandemic Recovery, the following questions will be explored:

  • How could we move forward with low carbon development amid the economic impact of COVID-19?
  • What kind of programs and instruments could be utilised to mitigate climate change while recovering from COVID-19? and
  • How is the availability of funding for climate action in Indonesia, Australia, and the region?


  1. Dr. Medrilzam, Director for Environmental Affairs, National Development Planning Agency of Indonesia (Bappenas).
  2. Dr. Wahyu Marjaka*, Director of Sectoral and Regional Resource Mobilization, Directorate General of Climate Change, Ministry of Environment and Forestry, of Indonesia. *In confirmation.
  3. Dr. Adi Budiarso, Head of the Climate Change and Multilateral Policy Center (PKPPIM), Fiscal Policy Agency, Ministry of Finance of Indonesia.
  4. John Connor, Chief Executive Officer of the Carbon Market Institute (CMI).
  5. Kuki Soejachmoen, Assistant to President’s Special Envoy for Climate Change (2010-2019).

Opening speech:
Prof.(Hon.) Rachmat Witoelar, Advisor of I-SER, Patron CAIPSDCC, Former President’s Special Envoy on Climate Change.

Dr. Rob Hales, Director of Griffith Centre for Sustainable Enterprise, Griffith University.

Session chair:
Gita Syahrani, Executive Director to the Secretariat of Sustainable District Association or Lingkar Temu Kabupaten Lestari (LTKL).

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