Australasian Leadership Computing Symposium Training Day

Australasian Leadership Computing Symposium Training Day: 5 November 2019

NCI will be offering a free day of training in high-performance computing (HPC) and high-performance data (HPD). This training day is preceding the ALCS event later the same week, but is open to anyone. The training day will offer beginner and advanced sessions on HPC and HPD, which should be of interest to both new and existing users of NCI systems and services. In particular, NCI will be sharing additional details about the Gadi transition and tips for making the most of the new infrastructure.

More information about both the training day and the ALCS event can be found here:


Wrap-up summary of #ALCS2019 is here: If you have any nice photos of the event, please let me know! :zap:

Presentations from the #ALCS2019 conference are now available at: by clicking into each stream. We hope that there’s enough exciting and interesting scientific content in there for everyone!