Asia-Pacific Advanced Network - e-Culture Working Group Session

Gentle Reminder: Today’s e-Culture Working Group Session at 51st Online Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Advanced Network (

Time: Thursday, 4 February 2021,
2.40 - 4.25, Pakistan Time, UTC/GMT+5.


Welcoming Remarks (2.40 pm)

Presentation 1 (2.45 – 3.10) - Benjamin Arntzen, Australia is a free website for downloading and sharing legally free content*

Presentation 2 (3.10 – 3.30) - Tatsuro Kudo, Japan
Proposal and validation of interactive image generation method using video conferencing tools

Presentation 3 (3.30 – 3.50) - Henk Metselaar, Malaysia
Development of a Flipped Museum in Malaysia

Presentation 4 (3.50 – 4.10) - Gamache Genevieve & Faridah Noor, Malaysia
Digitising for small museums: The Kendi collection as a case study

Presentation 5 (4.10 - 4.25) - Dr Idris F Sulaiman, eResearch Support Group for South-East Asia, Australia
Music Archive of Monash University: Digital Revitalisation and Enhancement of Heritage Values as means to bring the Asia-Pacific Communities closer together

Closing remarks

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Session Chair / Co-Chair
Adj Assoc Prof Dr Faridah Mohd, UCSI University, Malaysia
Andrew Howard, NCI Australia