AGU example guidelines

From Lesley:

“Here are the AGU Chair Guidelines which were updated in 2018 to include material from the Diversity and Inclusion Committee, plus complaints from previous meetings: . The first two points relate to pretty stock standard session chairing practices, the next 6 are diversity related in some way.

Here is the link to the Diversity and inclusion Steering Committee home page, which also contains the current key initiatives as well as the committee charge:

There is also a reference to the AGU D&I strategic Plan:

If you search on the word ‘meetings’, you can see the actions that they are promoting for conducting meetings that comply with best D&I practices. They are pretty comprehensive.

I am not sure if we want to do this, but AGU are starting to build up statistics on No of Women, ECRs, countries of origin for papers submitted, orals allocated, session chairs etc to make sure that they can justify their claims that they do run conferences that respect D&I.”

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Convener Diversity Letter (sessions)_final.pdf (197.3 KB)