2020 Australasian AID Conference, 18-19 February 2020, Canberra

The Australasian AID Conference (AAC) will be held on 17-19 February 2020, once again in partnership with The Asia Foundation. As in previous years, the aim of the 2020 Australasian AID Conference is to bring together researchers from across Australia, the Pacific, Asia and beyond who are working on aid and international development policy (the AID in the conference acronym) to share insights, promote collaboration, and help develop the research community. With more than 600 people registering in 2019, the AAC has established itself as Australia’s premier aid and development conference.

**The registration for the 2020 AAC is now open.

The program is available here and the abstracts book, here.

There are several panels which apply analytical approaches, based on ‘big data’, Internet of Things (IoT), blockchain and cloud computing technologies to address development issues. Some examples:

Big data for better education spending in Indonesia Astrid Dita and Dr Gary Deng Budget Policy Adviser, PROSPERA, and Senior Data Analytics Adviser, PROSPERA.

The benefits of cloud-computing and the Internet of Things (IoT) to WASH and DRR in Timor-Leste Craig McVeigh Chief Executive Officer, Similie

Data analytic platform for logistics planning and information management following natural disasters Anissa Zahara Data Engineer, Pulse Lab Jakarta

Unblocked cash: harnessing the power of Blockhain technology to revolutionise humanitarian cash transfers Joshua Hallwright, Elsa Carnaby and Bjorn Rust Humanitarian Lead, Oxfam Australia; Disaster Risk Reduction, Oxfam Australia and Research Consultant

Making sense of sense-maker – trial of the sense maker research (geo-science) tool to evaluate earthquake recovery Jessica Kenway and Jordan Hoffmann Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager, Australian Humanitarian Partnership, and Senior Project Officer, CARE Australia Managed Country Presences, CARE Australia